November 2, 2013

Udi's Gluten Free Bread Is Larger At Costco!

I’m so excited to find Udi’s bread at Costco! It’s a huge loaf with normal size slices and guess what?!?! it cost the exact same as what I pay for the smaller loaf at Trader Joes. In Costco it's located in the frozen section.
Check out the difference in size.
The loaf at Costco is 30 oz.
The loaf at Trader Joes is 12oz.
I made a simple breakfast sandwich for Johnny with the larger slices and he loved it!! This fast meal is packed full of protein and good fat.
I toasted the bread and used coconut oil for the "butter". I used two organic eggs and a handful of fresh organic spinach and just scrambled them together. I salted & peppered a few tomatoes slices leftover from the garden (the addition of avocado would have been great on this sandwich...sadly I didn't have one. It would have added a little more protein & fat to keep you filled up and satisfied longer).


  1. Where is this? I can't find the larger size UDI's in North County (San Diego) California

  2. I'm not sure if every Costco carries it. Give them a call.

  3. this is a VERY popular item at our Costco here in Greenville, SC. it is stocked on the tall rolling bakery racks, along with all of the other breads.

  4. Ours is in the freezer section. So if you can't find it on the bakery racks be sure to look in the freezer.