November 4, 2013

Soy IS Bad For You

Soy is NOT a health food!

Soy is in everything! And I mean everything! If you eat a piece of bread, you’re eating soy, crackers -soy, salad dressing - soy, peanut butter-soy, mayonnaise-spy, Chinese food-soy, packaged nuts-soy...Soy is the hardest food to get away from. And it's so bad for you.

I am a healthy 48-year-old woman. An avid runner, I have followed primarily a vegetarian diet for over five years, and have always had excellent blood chemistry results...Last year, however, I addedjogger something significant to my regular diet of fruits, vegetables, beans and grains: soy products. I followed the conventional wisdom that this would alleviate early menopausal symptoms, keep my heart healthy, etc. I ate tofu daily, consumed soy milk in abundance, snacked on soy nuts...and looked for soy isoflavones in my supplements. Results: I now am facing surgery for a goiter (enlarged thyroid)...I have symptoms of thyroid damage. My skin, nails, hair are all suffering visibly. I have chest pain when I run. Worst of all my cholesterol has risen from 137 to 210 in the last six months. A nonsmoking, non-drinking vegetarian who eschews all dairy products simply cannot experience this kind of change in less than six months without some external factor."

There are many more stories like this, telling of a myriad of health problems caused by soy. An executive secretary in her 50's with thyroid problems tells of how the hidden soy added to the bread she was eating caused such severe forgetfulness that she couldn't perform her job. When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.

Read about why soy is bad for you here:

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