For sleep
When my son has a night he can’t sleep...sometimes it's simply because it’s one of those nights or it may be he ate something he wasn’t supposed to... he takes a Super Snooze. We find it works very well! We buy them for Puritans Pride (see the link to the left on the home page).

TV & Video Games
My son doesn’t play many video games. He may play a little on the weekends. I find it helps his behavior if he doesn’t play that often. Same goes for the computer and television. We watched tv in the evenings but he doesn’t have a tv in his room. The computer is for school work, looking things up, and maybe watching a music video or two ;o)  No facebook or cell phone. I feel, for my son, these things over stimulate him. Whenever he over does any of them he get really snappy and rude.

Home School
As you may know we home school Johnny. Even when eating wheat, dairy, and soy free (when his behavior and focus is the best) I don’t feel public school would be the best environment for him. Personally, I don’t feel any public school is the best place for a child who has ADHD. There are many different home schooling options. We choose to keep our son in public school but bring all of the work home and do it. A lot of public schools have this option. Call your district and ask.  I know some parents allow their child, who has ADHD, to go to school for a half of a day. So this may be an option too.
Johnny, takes this daily.
1 Multi Vit (Puritan’s Pride)
1000mg of Vit C (Puritan’s Pride)
1 MegaRed 100% Pure Omega 3 Krill Oil (Costco)
1 Turmeric Curcumin (Purritan’s Pride)

2 Probiotic (From Costco)

Drinks a lot of water
*There are other supplements I’d like Johnny to take but it’s hard enough getting these down him (just because he forgets to take them not because he can’t swallow them).
* I also think is worth mentioning I’ve given Johnny all the supplements out there that are associated with ADHD. I used to give him mega doses of fish oil, lots of brain vits and minerals,  B vits, St. john’s Wort, Attend, Zinc…etc.  While these still might be good for him I never really noticed much difference when he was taking them.  I only noticed a huge improvement when I completely took out WHEAT, DAIRY, & SOY.