Snacks & Condiments

Onion Soup Mix ~Bean Dip!

Salad Dressing

Gluten Free Pumpkin Doughnuts

Cranberry Sauce with Coconut Sugar

Nuts (check the labels because a lot of them have added soybean oil added.) My son love almonds…raw or dry roasted. 
Seeds (I buy pumpkin seeds in bulk)
Any fruit
Any Veggies
Jerky (I make homemade because I can’t find any without soy sauce in it)
Hardboiled eggs
Potatoes chips (make sure there is no soybean oil in them)
Tortilla chip (Don't eat if you are avoiding corn)
**When my son heads out the door he usually has a small bag of almonds, an apple, a few strips of jerky, and a bottle of water in his backpack.**