May 4, 2011


We made a huge mistake. We were traveling and just starving to death so we went through an IN-N-OUT BURGER.

We ordered Johnny a burger protein style. That is where they wrap the meat, tomatoes, and onions in lettuce (no bun). My son ate his burger and about half of his fries and was so sick he went to the bathroom immediately. Within twenty minutes he had huge darks circles under his eyes and a major headache. I didn’t have any Motrin with me (because he never gets headaches anymore) so I had to find a store and buy him some ibuprofen. He ended up curling up in the back seat of the car feeling so miserable.
It sooooo not worth eating out!
Next time I’ll remember to pack more food!


  1. I was told that the spread and cheese has soy in it. The meat, lettuce and tomatoes are gluten and soy free.

  2. We got the burger without cheese so maybe it's the "spread". Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I always ask for them to leave the sauce off because I feel depressed the next day if I eat it, and I'm not sure why. I feel fine if I eat the burger without the sauce.

    1. Do you think it has MSG in it? I went there tonight and had a double double protein style and I feel like I'm STARVING 3 hours later (stomach actually growling)? This is ridiculous. I feel like I could eat 2 more of them and still be hungry (gross, but true)?!