May 31, 2011

~Camp Celiac in Beautiful Northern California~

I just found an amazing camp and I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s called Camp Celiac. This camp is especially for children who are allergic to wheat / gluten. I called a spoke with someone at the camp and asked about dairy and soy free options and I was informed at every meal they also offer dairy free options (he wasn’t sure about soy).
Camp Celiac’s mission is to allow campers to enjoy their summer camp experience and not have to always worry about whether they can eat the food. Campers will NEVER have to ask, “is there wheat in that?”. Their menu looks great and if your child is wheat, dairy, and soy free I think they will defiantly find enough to eat at this camp.
I think this type of camp and its concept is amazing and how fantastic for our children to be able to play and bond with other children who also have “special” diets.
When I last spoke with the camp they had a few spots left open so if you want to send your child to camp this summer I would seriously check into Camp Celiac. Also, this camp is only $25 for a week…though they accept donations that are more… and I encourage you to donate a little more because the food budget must be very high. If any of you do send your little on to Camp Celiac please let me know how it goes. Johnny can’t attend this year because we already have plans but I hope he can go next year.

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