April 17, 2011

~Fixing Meals Are Hard~

In the beginning I found it very hard to find things for Johnny to eat. It feels like everything has wheat and soy in it! Especially soy! We were religious for the first three months and NEVER cheated.
I felt like Johnny, was eating a lot of meat and potatoes. And actually he was. This was very hard for me to get use to because we never really centered our meals around a meat before.  Bacon for breakfast, chicken for lunch, hardboiled eggs for snack, steak for dinner. I knew the kid was going to have clogged arteries be the time he was 18. But he looked so good, and he was sleeping so well, and he was focused and his behavior had improved drastically.  I didn’t want to change anything and I haven’t.
So if you feel like your child is eating too much meat all I can say is stick with it because for whatever reason it may be the best thing for them.
I do try to keep red meat to only a few times a week. And most other meats are lean, organic, and either baked or barbequed (with the exception of bacon). I don’t fry much. My son eats a lot of deer. Which is good because there are no hormones and stuff in it.
You can get a whole organic chicken and make several meals out of it. This is my go to meal. The first night I bake it. I’ll season it, rub it with olive oil, set carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes around the baking dish so we have the veggies with dinner. We keep some of the breast for lunch the next day. The following night we boil the entire chicken and make chicken soup— if there are some veggies left over we toss them into the soup. Sometime we’ll also add a handful of rice too.

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