August 18, 2013

This is a REPOST
Thought I’d give a quick update. I took Johnny to his pediatrician for allergy tests as well as a celiac test. It’s worth mentioning that this pediatrician doesn’t feel that allergies have anything to do with ADHD so I just avoid the topic with her.
He had to eat lots of wheat, dairy, soy, etc for 14 days. Then his blood was drawn. Of course during these two weeks he was feeling like crap. Headaches, had a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days, he couldn’t sleep, had dark circles under his eyes, his ADHD symptoms all reappeared…the list goes on and on.
The results are back and guess what, he doesn’t have celiac…woo hoo! However, he was allergic to almost everything tested (which I found odd)—wheat, soy, peanuts, walnuts, corn, clams, sesame seeds, & scallops.
He wasn’t allergic to eggs or dairy. The eggs we knew but dairy he has a reaction to. So we tested dairy last week. He ate moderate amounts of milk, cheese, and sour cream (on his baked potatoes and on his tacos). He had diarrhea so badly that he couldn’t stand up without going in his pants. He said it was gooey slug coming out (sorry for being so graphic) so parents please make your decisions by how your child reacts NOT by what a test shows.
The Dr. wanted to do more testing for other foods but I declined—first, my son begged not to have to eat all that food for another 2 weeks, and secondly, I don’t’ really care what the test show…if he reacts to it we plan on removing it from his diet.

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