August 9, 2013

~School Lunches~

Looking for school lunch ideas?
Johnny loves these foods and doesn’t have a reaction to them. They are quick and easy to toss in a bag for on the go!
I love these small guacamole packets.

I just found these hot dog at COSTCO

This organic popcorn is perfect to snack on! I got it from Trader Joe's.

And don't forget the applesauce!
Toss in a piece of fresh fruit or veggies and some water and you have a quick lunch you can take on the go or send to school with the kiddos!
If you are looking for a good sweet to send to school these lollipops are perfect. Especially for those teacher’s that like to reward with a treat…bring them a bag of these. I’ve bought them a several different stores, Target, TJ Maxx, and Amazon. And they are inexpensive! We’ve only tried the lollipops but they have other items too (be sure to read the ingredients). Actually, here’s a list of ingredient for all their items, Yummy Earth


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